Saturday, July 14, 2012

Felted Goat Milk Soap Kit

Donated Linda Spagnotti
Bidding Starts at $16.00

This kit contains over 2 ounces of wool raised and harvested from Jacob sheep - an endangered breed of heritage livestock, two 4 ounce bars of goat milk soap, and felting instructions.  I recommend cutting the soap in half to make 4 bars of felted soap.  You will likely have wool left over to make more felted bars using other soap.

Felting soap is a wonderful tactile experience that results in a small piece of usable art.  The wool acts a a built-in scrubbie, and wool is naturally antibacterial.  Once the soap is used, you'll be left with an empty pouch.  You can slit this open along one side, attach cord for a handle and create a mini purse.  You can also use the empty pouch as a scrubber.  I've done this activity with all ages from toddlers through senior citizens.


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