Saturday, July 14, 2012

Goat Milk Soap Bars - 3 Bars

Donated Josiah
Bidding Starts at $9.00

The winner of this item will be able to choose 3 bars from Josiah's collection.  He has bars that are "pure" containing no fragrance or dyes and a variety of scented soaps. For more information go here.

13 year old Josiah has been a goat lover since he was 4, and he got his first goat on this 7th birthday.  He does a great job caring for and milking his goats.  He learned to make soap over a period of several months, and now it's the only soap we use.  He's gotten rave reviews from customers and lots of repeat business.  The bars contain goat milk, sodium hydroxide, coconut oil, palm oil, color, and fragrance.


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