Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scentsy Shop Credit

Donated by Melissa Lorenz
Bidding Starts at $35.00

You get to choose what you want with your $45.00 Shop Credit to Scentsy.  There are a lot of amazing items, go check them out!

During the Auction there is also a Scentsy Party Happening!!!  Proceeds are helping the Twietmeyers bring home Lincoln.  To support them through Scentsy visit the party page here!


Jennifer Tyler said...

$35, Jennifer Tyler :)

Tony said...

Is the party closed? Tried shopping and it brings me to the general scentsy page.

Leah said...

The above comment I just posted said its from my husband Tony, but it's really Leah Tatina.

Carolyn Twietmeyer said...

I just emailed Melissa to get a new link. Sorry it must have closed out automatically!!! -desiree thompson

Carolyn Twietmeyer said...

Links should be fixed now! Thank YOU!!!! -desiree

Tony said...

Thank you!!
-Leah Tatina