Wednesday, August 8, 2012

3-6 Helicopter Onesie

Donated by Erin Wallace of dandelion dream
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Bidding Starts at $14.00

3-6 Month Green and Blue Infant Organic Helicopter Onesie

This onesie is 100% organic green and blue with beautiful blue stitching. Stamped with an helicopter carved out of linoleum and pressed using quality and safe screen printing ink. 

{ NOTE }
Each shirt is uniquely made by hand, and therefore cannot be *exactly* duplicated. This shirt is merely an example of the size, style, color and print. Each image presses a bit differently.

The shirts I purchase are organic shirts where the cotton is farmed in an environment that avoids toxic and persistent pesticides. These are fair trade and environmentally sustainable clothing from seed to shelf.

{ CARE } 
I recommend washing in cold water with like colors.


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$18.00 each.