Friday, August 3, 2012

Pink & Purple Burp Cloth Set

Donated by Joleigh Little
Bidding Starts at $8.00

These are some of the best baby burp cloths on the market and are LOVED by everyone who uses them.  They are hand crafted by expert quilters -- out of 100% cotton, shop quality flannel.  (Translation: it's top-of-the-line fabric!)  Cotton batting is sandwiched in between two layers of high-quality flannel and then machine quilted for stability.  Edges have an adorable fringe.  All sets contain two burp cloths of contrasting fabrics.  Item comes folded and tied with a bow made of netting.  It's a REALLY cute little baby gift... or a great Christmas gift for your own small person who spits up from time to time.  Burp cloths measure 16 x 9 inches and taper down to 16 x 8 at the shoulder for a more comfortable fit.


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